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Comedian Chris Cubas and a revolving crew of funny and irreverent guests answer your burning real-life questions about sex, money, family, work and more. What should you wear on a first date with a crack addict? Should you start a flirtatious online relationship with your cousin? We tackle these topics and more on Bad Advice, the show where unqualified people give unsolicited opinions.

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Nov 20, 2020

On the premiere episode of Bad Advice, host Chris Cubas welcomes guests Martha Kelly, Kath Barbadoro, and RJ City to give some unsolicited life advice to a few needy souls. Topics include dating a crack addict, feeder fetishes, kissing cousins and more!

(00:00) Intro

(04:13) Widow Pressured to Date Crack Addict

(13:44) Humorless Tw*ts vs. "Vulgar" Stand-up Comedy

(21:46) Husband Has Feeder Fetish

(30:16) Man Wants to F*ck His Cousin, Maybe?

(42:22) Aging Virgin Seeks Younger Virgin

(54:10) Outro

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